Snowmobiling in Iceland

Have you ever been snowmobiling on Iceland’s second largest glacier in the middle of their first major snow storm of the year? Neither had I. This was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done, and even though we almost didn’t make it down the mountain because of the weather, I would 100% recommend this day trip for anyone looking for an “out of the ordinary” adventure while visiting Iceland! My dad and I combined the snowmobiling adventure with a full day Golden Circle Tour booked through Reykjavik Excursions. On a side note, we booked all of our tours in Iceland through Reykjavik Excursions and they never failed to disappoint. The Golden Circle Tour stops at some of Iceland’s most iconic attractions (I’ll get around to posting about this), and once you’ve made these stops, you take a bit of a drive up into the mountains and suddenly you’re on the moon (or at least it looks that way). 

After getting off the bus and getting on to a “Monster Truck Bus” (refer to picture below) we got to the gear shack and were suited up in extra-warm snow-suits, balaclava’s, boots (if needed), gloves, and helmets. I was really happy that the company who operates the snowmobile part of the tour (Mountaineers of Iceland) provides any and all gear you need to brave the harsh, snowy conditions. It would have been a pain to have to pack my own snowsuit, and the balaclava’s were a nice touch (I think my face would have froze without it). Once we made it to the main part of the glacier, we were greeted by the guides, covered some basic safety info for how not to get yourself stranded on a glacier in extremely limited visibility conditions, and then we were on our way! For safety reasons, the guides don’t let you race around the mountain, and you need to stay in a line formation for the ride.

If you ask me, we lucked out with the weather, but that might be my unpopular opinion. The guide’s told us this was the first major snowfall of the year, and that the snow we were seeing on the ground was just from the past few hours. I got off my sled and steeped in the snow and it was nearly up to my waste. Welcome to Iceland. In addition to the massive amounts of snow on the ground, there was still a lot of snow coming from the sky (visibility was down to the snowmobile in front of you). I thought this was the perfect weather to experience my first Icelandic glacier snowmobile ride. A few hours later once we finished the ride (and once the popped out shoulder, and hurt leg of fellow tour members were tended to) we made our way back down the mountain to meet our bus. I won’t get too much into our little adventure trying to get down the mountain in the middle of a storm, but after putting some studs on the tires, and making a few pit stops to help some stuck cars, we made it to the mountain.

This tour was definitely my favourite of the trip. Although a bit pricy, it is truly a once in a lifetime experience and it was worth every penny! From our awesome tour guide and service with Reykjavik Excursions to the wonderful guides at Mountaineers of Iceland, the people on this tour helped to make it even better!

Watch my video to see more of my Iceland Adventures!




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